The Oil Plant & Warehouses

Location Description

The Oil Plant & Warehouses is also known or referred to as “Getty” due to its previous business: “Getty Oil”. Getty Oil was a New York heat and oil company that had this location as its main base up until November 2012 when Hurricane Sandy destroyed half the facilities and made the company Getty Oil close down this location.

Currently, “Getty” serves as a film location helping produce high quality films at a low-cost for the usage of the facility through Rollin Studios, inc.

The facility spreads across New York’s Newtown creek by the East River with a total of 4.12 Acres; 5 Main buildings with office space, warehouses, tremendous oil tanks, bathrooms, basements, old storage units, massive parking space for transportation and awe-inspiring view of the Manhattan Skyline.

It’s located Long Island City, Queens and it’s entirely ground-floor accessible. Its utilities include restrooms and regular house power up to 2000w. This location is available for filming Monday through Sunday – 24/7.

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